Key activities of the Austrian textile trade association

The duty of the Austrian textile trade association by law is to function as a special interest group, as per act of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce/WKG. But besides these activities, the Austrian textile trade association is involved in export, import and turnover issues, in company-neutral evaluations and in regular information exchange.

Public relation by the representative of a whole industry sector
The textile trade association has defined its target, namely to strengthen the image of the Austrian textile industry as an innovative leading sector, to grapple the image in public through regular media meetings and to lead concerted lobbying for opinion leaders. Besides the organisation of the annual textile meeting in autumn, the textile trade association presents on the occasion of an annual press conference operating figures of the textile industry. Furthermore, regular statements concerning the development of the branche are published.

Professional handling of relevant topics
Topics relevant to the sector, like environment, energy (clima strategies, waste water and waste material etc.) are discussed by the trade association together with company representatives in a professional and organisational way.

Promotion of intra-industry communication
Industry-sector-specific information, as well as information regarding general economic issues are communicated via newsletter to member business companies.

Cooperation with training schools and company training centres
The textile trade association cooperates closely with textile schools and training centres, but also with firms where apprentices are trained, in order to maintain a continued existence of highly qualified staff members in the long run.

Negotiations on collective agreements for member companies
A major task for the textile trade association of the textile industry are negotiations on collective agreements for 13.400 staff members with the specific trade union. The collective agreement is published as printout, can be found on the homepage and in the collective agreements database of Austrians Federal Chamber of Commerce. A regular update is assured.

International cooperation
There is a close cooperation since years with the German Textile and Fashion Association and the Swiss Textile Trade Association. These contacts serve to the mutual benefit, assure information exchanges and aim to harmonise the positions concerning issues of joint interests, as well as to undertake joint actions on European level. Various projects have been and will be carried out jointly. Furthermore, the Austrian textile trade association is active member of the European umbrella association EURATEX in Brussels.

Export promotion
The textile trade association operates two liaison offices, one in Shanghai, the other in Moscow. Both offer assistance to Austrian textile companies on Chinese and Russian markets. They arrange appropriate contacts, give competent information and help with emerging problems. Moreover, the textile trade association gives advice concerning import provisions, tariff rates or other export issues.