Range of products of the Austrian textile industry
From yarn to embroidery via upholstery products

The past decades have seen a decisive change in structure of the traditional industry.
Today we define three major sectors: fabric and yarns, home textiles and technical fabrics. Emphasis has distinctly moved to high performance products being worldwide unique.

Yarns, fabrics and refined products: world famous prime quality
An essential backbone of the textile industry are manufacturers of high-performance yarns and fabrics and refined products for the apparel sector. Clients come from European top brands in the ready-to-wear sector. The advantage of Austrian fabrics lies in functionality, additional use for the consumer and the appropriateness for specially new applications. Clients can be sure of most reliable and continously top quality products.
A still internationally sucessful special sector of the national textile industry is the Austrian embroidery industry, also rich in tradition. Austrian embroidery is used by world famous manufacturers of erotic lingerie; other leading international fashion companies use embroidery for outstanding evening dresses.
Excellent and trendy knitwear and hosiary, as well as luxury products of the lingery and legwear range enjoy a big success worldwide which is best seen in the brand awareness of Austrian hosiery products.

Home textiles: specialists for property furnishings
Another major division, apart from apparel companies, are manufacturers of home textiles. Austrian products can be found throughout the world in renowned hotels, theatres, convention centres/office buildings and means of transportation.
They appear when, apart from a perfect matching design, also special technical standards are required from the chosen fabrics. Austrian companies are specialists in the ambitious contract business field, where they bring in their excellent know how and experience with international projects. They can easily adapt themselves to the individual needs of their clients and offer special solutions, even in cases of narrow schedules.

Future sector and growth factor technical textiles
The third and latest sector are technical textiles. They have a special significance in the Austrian textile industry: with a turnover proportion of nearly 50%, technical textiles hold already the same position than the apparel and home textile sector with this we are the leading nation throughout Europe and confirm the innovative character of our national textile companies. Technical textiles have a huge array of different products: protective textiles, fabrics for use in industries, medical textiles, textiles for building constructions, interior upholstery for cars and aircrafts and other special applications.